The United States is about to get hit with a huge combination of storms on our Eastern front. The storm is a combination of Hurricane Sandy, a winter storm in the West, and a stream of arctic air from the North. It should settle in mostly on New Jersey and New York and was reported that it could last up to five days! Estimators have this storm doing nearly $1 billion dollars in damage!

People are calling it, “Frankenstorm.”

Does anybody else see a problem with this? I find it extremely hilarious!

Oh no, no, no, no, don’t worry…I get it. The combination of different storms (body parts) to create a big massive, destructive storm (monster). Blah, blah, blah.

Except for the fact that Frankenstein was the mad doctor and not the monster! This brings up an interesting question….is the media then saying that we created this storm? Global warming perhaps?

Frankly, I think this is how media and journalism get such a bad rep. They continue to use rhetoric and “hook words”  to use on the air or in print to get everybody interested in what’s going on à la Frankenstorm. When really it’s a completely ironic, misuse of the term and makes them sound like talking-head, no fact-checking, idiots or sly, subconscious, global warming believers.

I, myself, even called this post Frankenstorm but…

Is the media, in particular, providing a hidden social commentary on global warming and their own personal stance as to why this storm is in existence?

Personally, now this is how I differ, my stance is extremely grey as it is with most things: The cycles of the seasons and the weather, in general, fluctuate all the time. It’s been shown all throughout history that this happens, just on a much more elongated timeline. And I believe we are experiencing one of those cycle changes. 

Though, I suppose, my home state of Colorado is immune to such changes as I’m accustomed to seeing pretty much all four seasons in one day on a regular basis. Freaking Colorado…

Now…can we, as all  human beings,  do better to help our environment now and be more globally conscious? Yes. Can we set ourselves up for future generations and provide a better established inheritance of environmental safety? Yes. 

So back to the topic raised…If they are subconsciously trying to plug in their own personal opinion about global warming by calling it Frankenstorm…

Start a blog. And you can call it whatever the hell you want. Don’t do it on the air or in print.

I’m calling it Hurricane Tebow. Boom!

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