Erik Kemp


October 2012

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zip-Up Hoodie

I present to you…The Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Zip-Up Hoodie!!!

Gah damn, I almost threw up my Surge and ignored my dropped pouch of Big League Chew just from reading that!!! Talk about nostalgia…

I found this little gem at Hot TopicI saw the Black Ranger and Green Ranger too! Get your very own here!


The Shining


Love this iconic picture of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It displays the lengths of psychosis and violence people are capable of.  I also personally love the film-still because it exemplifies how people can lose all humanistic qualities and become feral and rabid like an animal whilst still holding onto and displaying such tension and emotion. Shout out to Stanley Kubrick.

Oh and apparently there is a conspiracy theory involving The Shining surrounding the supposed fake landing of Apollo 11?

Never knew that!

I drew this in early October 2012. Pretty proud of it, except I didn’t make his face wide enough. I think I could have fixed this by widening the separation of his eyes or move over his left one just slightly. Meh…whatever, still looks pretty damn good.

First birthday. First steps. First words. First day of school. First crush. First date. First car. First kiss…

First blog post?Yeah, not that momentous of an occasion.

After reading that, it kinda makes me “firsty”

Even though I don’t drink soda much…

Doesn’t that look amazing after reading a bunch of “firsts”?!

And apparently, I’ve been hanging around too many kids who need a speech therapist

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